Roundup: Your questions … on radio and right here


We were on radio again for the first time for a while last week and we had our usual crop of confused, angry, irritated and frustrated flat owners.

One bloke wanted to know if his strata committee was allowed to fine him for late and non-payment of his strata levies, while another asked if it was OK for tenants to attend the building’s AGM.

A female caller wanted to know if she could do anything about her committee’s refusal to consider her request to get in and put down a timber floor until she had actually taken possession of the apartment (they’d exchanged contracts but not keys).

Another lady wanted to know how they could force their strata manager to hold a long overdue AGM while one caller wondered if she could prevent a special levy being raised when there was enough money in the kitty to pay for the work without one.

There were other callers and you can listen to the whole segment by clicking on THIS LINK  … or you could just read the latest questions posted to the Flat Chat Forum (below) … or even do both at the same time.

  • Am I paying too much in levies? The answer, HERE, will surprise you.
  • If front doors are common property, can I change the lock on mine? That’s HERE.
  • Do I have to attend when my agent takes my tenant to the Tribunal over unpaid rent. That’s HERE.
  • What exactly is poll voting and how does it work? That’s HERE.
  • Employees in our commercial lots are parking in visitor spots … and the committee won’t do anything. That’s HERE.
  • When the biscuit tin just won’t do any more: What’s the best bank account for a small strata scheme? That’s HERE.

Once you’ve had a look at this week’s bumper crop of queries, if you have any answers – or they prompt more questions – log in and drop us a line.

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