Roundup: power brokers, smokers and slackers


Purely coincidentally, in a week where my column in the AFR was banging on about untrained volunteers running massive budgets in their blocks, while competent professionals are too busy to lend a hand, comes a complaint from the opposite end of the spectrum.

This one concerns a block where a high-powered captain of industry – or maybe commerce – is running the show to the approval and admiration of his supporters, but the confusion of some ordinary owners in the scheme.

Now it may well be that this chap is doing nothing wrong except not communicating terribly well.  But it seems more than $100,000 has been spent on an item in the budget … except it isn’t in the budget.

It is true that certain high-powered people get so used to telling people what to do, and having it done, that they forget that some of us may require a bit more explanation.

But what if there’s more to it than that? We live in an age of conspiracy theories where fact ain’t facts. Anyway, you’ll find the whole sorry saga HERE.

And, as ever, there’s an amazing variety of brain teasers and head scratchers out there.

One Flatchatter wants to know if there’s any way of sealing off the ventilation of the flat of a heavy smoker as their fumes are leaking into other flats and on to common property.

We say, vents are there for a reason – you can’t really seal someone in their own home. But what do you do to protect everyone else? That’s HERE.

Another reader has water coming though her ceiling from the bathroom in the flat above. Who pays for the repairs to the pipes and her ceiling – the upstairs owner, the owners corp or does she foot the bill herself?  That’s HERE.

How come my home and contents insurance policy excludes fixtures and fittings? Or, to put it another way, how come strata insurance covers the fixtures and fittings in my flat? That’s HERE.

The sad tale of the committee with one member who does all the work, one who does nothing and one who objects to every idea rolls on and the AGM is coming up with no expectation of anyone else attending.  Fortunately, JimmyT has a cunning plan … that’s HERE.

There are no guarantees in strata – except that there will have been even more posts to the Forum by the time you’ve read this.

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