Roundup: Radio Flat Chat – listen to it right here


It’s not exactly a media frenzy but, having been on TV last week, I was on ABC radio this week – and this time, I was talking about strata living.

That said, my generous (and handsome) host mentioned my new crime novel Tunnel Vision, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with apartment living. At least the first one, Perfect Criminals, had a murder in a lift.

Anyway, it’s Afternoons with James Valentine, and you can listen to it here as we chat about strata issues and people call in with questions.

But you don’t need to go on radio to get advice. You can go down the usual route and ask your questions right here on the Flat Chat Forum – like these Flatchatters did.

  • What do you do about a strata manager who refuses to do what the owners corp (body corporate) wants? That’s HERE.
  • When your neighbours get permission to replace fixtures and fittings … then install new windows and drill right through the concrete floor to the flat below. That’s HERE.
  • Can we do our own Owners Corp tax return or do we have to use the strata manager’s tax agent? That’s HERE.
  • Who pays when bad tenants damage common property and dump their rubbish and old furniture when they leave? That’s HERE.
  • Who pays for maintaining the plants in common property planters that can only be accessed by individual lot owners. That’s HERE.

As ever, there are other new questions on the website and there will be even more by the time you read this.

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