Roundup – Return of the Zombie Forum topics


Jeez, there are some people who just shouldn’t be living in strata, aren’t there?

As I said last week, it’s one of quirks of this website that we occasionally have zombie topics that lie dormant for ages and then someone who’s scanning the Forum for some information, comes across one, posts a response and we’re off and running again.

This past week an old question of what annoys you most about your neighbours has risen from the dead and has attracted a whole new set of comments.

“The one person that complains and abuses all of us in our complex for everything and anything,” says Flatchatter LoisLane.

“None of us do any of the poll options as we are too busy and scared as so we tip-toe around. Said person is guilty of noise ALL the time and rogue parking”

Noise and parking? Time to stop tip-toeing and start sticking the strata boot in, say I.

“Death threats and constant, ongoing attempts to litigate against those who seek to see legislation and the Residential status on our homes upheld,” says Millie of her nasty neighbours.

I know her story well and she has had to endure years of having her home treated like a hotel – and this was long before Airbnb – with much of the problem either ignored or encouraged by senior government MPs who live there.  Who you gonna call in that clusterfunk?

“Owners who live in a bubble within the strata scheme and don’t realise (or care) that their actions (or lack of action) affects the whole scheme,” complains Andy.

Well, I’ll just slip my Grumpy Old Man hat on and say that’s a problem that seems to be endemic to modern society as a whole – it’s just more obvious in strata.

“Obnoxious tenants who stay for years, speaker phones on balconies and people who think others should just put up with their barking dog,” moans TopSheila.

Speakerphones on balconies?  I feel your pain.

“Owners who do nothing to help not even pick up paper at the mailbox and put in bin, but are happy to complain to other owners or SM about the committee, but won’t be a committee member because their life is too busy!” observes Taps.

How about randomly selected compulsory committee membership, like National Service or jury duty?  That would soon sort them out.

You can catch up with all these horror stories, offer advice or add your own, HERE.

With the zombie posts out of the way, we can catch up with some freshly minted ones. Like, what do you do when illegal renovations are going on and all the powers that be are on holiday?  That’s HERE.

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There are lots of other posts to the Forum and there will be even more by the time you read this, so hop in and have a roam around – you might even bring a zombie back to life.

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