Roundup: Revealing neighbours and palace coups


There are a couple of issues of an … um … delicate nature in this week’s crop of posts to the Forum.

In one, a Flatchatter asks if residents can be required to either close their blinds or stop parading around in their undies.

Apparently the kitchens of the units in their block face each other and the young female tenants over the way are given to making themselves the odd cup of tea while not wearing very much at all.

You’ll find this dilemma – and a number of suggested solutions HERE in the Forum.

And while we’re on the topic of what’s naughty but not necessarily nice, an ACT Flatchatter wonders what can be done about having a registered sex worker operating in a unit in their family block of flats.

It’s not what the lady does in her flat that’s the problem so much as the furtive male strangers hanging around the place, including taking up parking while they await their appointments.

Bearing in mind that there were previously another three illegal brothels operating in the complex, now gone, our reader wants to know what can be legally done to clear the last one out before it encourages more to open up.

You’ll find our suggested solutions HERE.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the all-too common situation where a rusted-on committee chair starts acting irrationally or in their own interest.

In the case posted on the Forum, not one but two strata managers have resigned, one publicly citing the chair’s behaviour as the main reason for their departure.

Even so, this chairperson manages to bully and baffle enough owners every year to ensure their re-election, so nothing ever changes.

‘What can you do?” asks our Flatchatter.

Did you know that you can go to the Tribunal (NCAT) and ask them to either remove the office-bearer from office, or even sack them from the committee completely.

Yes, even in these Trumpian times you can impeach your chairperson.  We explain how to do that HERE in the Forum.

Here’s a deceptively simple question and we’d welcome your answers.  A Flatchatter in Queensland wants to know, when it says common property must be kept in “good condition’ what does “good condition” mean? You can post your answers HERE.

Finally, can your strata committee tell you what to plant in your, lot property garden?  That’s HERE.

As ever, there will be a stack more posts and posers on the Flat Chat Forum by the time you read this – we might not have all the answers but we definitely have the best questions.

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