ROUNDUP: Signs of the times as OCN gets a boost


Last week, after our story about the Owners Corporation Network, more than 500 of you went over to their website and had a look around.  What a terrific response!

Now, I know signing up to the OCN is a commitment that you might have to take to your committee and all that jazz (although you can register as individuals).

However, for zero cost and needing no one’s approval, you can sign up for their free monthly newsletter.

Now, I know that all our inboxes are swamped by emails, newsletters, spam and scams.

But signing up for the OCN newsletter not only keeps you up to date with developments in the strata world but gives them a bit more heft when it comes to doing the hard yards with politicians, their sponsors and the media.

If you missed out last week go to OCN.org.au now. If you’ve already been, nick back over and tick that box.

And that’s all I’m saying as we have a bumper crop of strata questions from the Forum to get through

  • What happens to a by-law passed with the support of a dodgy proxy? That’s HERE.
  • Why you don’t need fancy charging stations for electric cars. See Item 2 HERE.
  • When owners refuse to fit smoke detectors, can we just go into their unit, do the work and charge them the costs? That’s HERE.
  • Noise from the car park roller door is driving me mad but building manager says it’s OK as long as it opens and closes. That’s HERE.
  • Are parking spaces lots or not – and do they have voting power? That’s HERE.
  • How do I get more people to join the strata committee? That’s HERE.

Needless to say – but I’ll say it anyway – by the time you read this ther will be even more questions on the Flat Chat Forum.

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