Roundup: Once more with feeling


Strange things seem to happen when you move out of your normal environment and try to do things in a different way and, even worse, from a different place.

Right now Flat Chat is on the road in Vietnam, thinking no one will even notice our absence, thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

All of which might have worked if we hadn’t managed to run this week’s roundup twice in the same space.  So here is the slimmed-down edited version.

Just the once …

  • A commercial tenant has built a store room on common property.  The strata manager says it’s not a  big deal.  That’s HERE.
  • We can’t tow and we can’t clamp but some idiot has parked in an emergency exit pathway, so what do you do.  That’s HERE.
  • What do you do when your committee just slaps on one special levy after another to fix  messed up repairs?  That’s HERE.
  • How does mediation actually work.  That’s HERE.

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