Roundup: TV, radio, books, Flat Chat Live – it’s strata Showtime!



We’re in the middle a bit of a media frenzy here at Flat Chat HQ.  Last Wednesday I was on TV on Ten’s Studio10 talking about how Kings Cross has changed (and my new book, of course).

You can have a look for yourself HERE – and see why I reckon I have a great face for radio.

Speaking of which,  on Thursday (Feb 8th) I’ll be on the James Valentine Afternoons show on ABC radio 702 answering your questions about strata.

And next week I’ll be down in Melbourne, talking about Perfect Criminals on the radio again.

And that doesn’t even touch on the John Cann: The Last Snake Man book which is also out at the moment.

Oh, and we’re getting ready to revive Flat Chat Live at the OCN’s Strata Matters seminar on March 10.  Details about that HERE.

All of which could go to an old fella’s head – but I always have the Flat Chat Forum to bring me back down to earth. Here are the latest queries – some of which are very queer – and answers from the Flat Chat faithful.

Can an owner prevent their levies being used to pay for legal action against them? THAT’S HERE.

Can I charge my Owners Corp for the lawyer’s letter I had sent to force them to do repairs? THAT’S HERE.

Can a survey of owners be used to replace the workings of a committee meeting? THAT’S HERE.

Owner has moved a drainpipe running across his common property yard without permission. THAT’S HERE.

Nervous owner wants handrail on common property stairs in case they fall.  Who pays? THAT’S HERE.

As ever, there will be more fascinating strata questions on the Flat Chat Forum by the time you’ve read this.

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