Roundup: The upside of apartment living


We’ve been doing a fair bit of trumpet-blowing this week, what with being praised in state parliament, podcasts of our radio chats and all that.  So, while we have our lips pursed and cheeks puffed, forgive us if we have one final toot.

Flat-Chat’s sister website Title Online has been given a bit of a revamp, and if you want to read about the positive side of apartment living – as well as eating out, holidays and some interior design hints – click on over.

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Back here at the coal face, the problems and potential solutions are still rolling in every day.

  • Should I and my cats be worried about a neighbour who’s causing trouble before he even moved in? That’s HERE.
  • Revealed: The strata managers charging millions to update services because of the new laws. That’s HERE.
  • Fire safety bollards blocking access to my parking space. That’s HERE.
  • Two lots, the ceiling in the garage belonging to one of them has collapsed. Does the other lot owner have to share the cost. That’s HERE.
  • And a reader thinks he’s found a way to make sense of the negative gearing conundrum. That’s HERE.

There’s a lot more in the Forum – log in and tell us your problems or, even better, give us some solutions.  That’s HERE.

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