Roundup: We’re back … with the odd hiccup


It’s been a tough week at Flat Chat Central. Our fabulous website developers (Liveby5) have been working overtime to fix a range of problems that have been increasingly causing irritating website crashes.
Eventually we decided to pull everything apart and put it back together again but then it turns out that websites are like those travel jackets or shopping bags that come in a tiny sack – once you take them out, you can never get them back in again.
So after days of frustration we upgraded the whole hosting set-up and … blah, blah blah … you don’t need to know all this.

The main thing is that we are up and running again … but there’s little quirky things like broken links from older posts to Forum posts that we are still working on.

The biggest difference you’ll notice is the Forum which is now running on the ubiquitous BBpress system, rather than the one we had for years. It looks different but, apart from anything else, it’s much easier to see where you write your posts and replies.
Logging in etc is just the same as before but please let us know if there’s something you used to be able to do but now can’t – any feedback, positive or negative, is gratefully received.
If you are looking for the latest Forum posts have a look on the lower part of the right-hand column.
Obviously, with our recent downtime, there hasn’t been a lot of action on the Forum. But there are a couple of intriguing questions …
For instance, is the Owners Corp liable if someone is injured by injured portable basketball hoops on common property? That’s HERE.
And a dog owner wants advice on how to defeat an AGM motion to turn a currently pet-friendly building into a “no-pets” preserve. That’s HERE.
Meanwhile, we are pretty new to this fresh software, so let us know what you miss and what you wish for.
And we’re sure there are dozens of questions awaiting us from from frustrated Flatchatters, so log in and fire away
We’ll be tweaking away at the Forum for the next week or so, so now is the time to have your say and help shape the Forum into what you want and need.

4 Replies to “Roundup: We’re back … with the odd hiccup”

  1. woodg62 says:

    New Forum is clean and seems to load faster, but I am missing a great feature from the old forum and that’s a list of new posts. On the ole forum I could simply scroll down to the bottom of the index page and see any new threads/posts listed. It was then a simple click to go to the thread. This was much quick that trying to identify new posts by the date.

  2. Jimmy-T says:

    It’s over on the right, below the ads. We just don’t have that many new posts because we’ve been offline for a few days. Still tweaking though.

  3. woodg62 says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    I see that list of new posts, but on the old forum I could, when logged in, see a list of post that were new since I last visited. This new list just seems to show any newer posts, even if I have already read them.

  4. Jimmy-T says:

    I will probably spend this weekend under the bonnet of BBpress, so I’ll have a look

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