Roundup: What made this baby so grumpy?


I couldn’t resist!  Some of you missed out on this picture of what must be the grumpiest baby in the world.

Due to various bits of new software it didn’t make it to last week’s newsletter.

But why is it here at all (apart from being impossibly cute)?  Follow this link and it will take you to our “what annoys you most about your neighbours?” poll.

Go on, vote.  It’s just a bit of fun.

Then came back and find out what’s been irritating, confusing, surprising and maybe even inspiring Flatchatters on the Flat Chat Forum this week

And we start with a real doozy. What do you do when you find the apartment that you are about to buy is in a block where the other owners are already looking at selling the whole building to a developer?

Do you believe the real estate agent’s spiel that you’re going to get a terrific windfall when it sells?

Or do you think there’s something dodgy going on here or they wouldn’t be selling? That’s HERE.

How about when your committee members ride roughshod over the by-laws and strata law, for their own benefit, then start taking revenge against you for complaining?

What are the chances of getting the Tribunal (NCAT) to appoint a strata manager to take over from the committee and start running the place properly? That’s HERE.

After a break-in, one committee member arbitrarily decided to install CCTV cameras and lock a gate that gives access to the complex.

Now owners have to walk all the way down to the gate to let visitors in.  Is this right and if not, what can be done? That’s HERE.

And here’s a twist on the common complaint that owners must have their postal address on the strata roll – which can be seen by any owner – but don’t want their email address to be available.

One owner is anxious about her privacy and wants her postal address removed and replaced with her email address.  Is that allowed? That’s HERE.

Finally, there’s a weird rule in strata that if, say, there’s a leak in a common property water pipe and it damages your property, then the owners corporation doesn’t have to pay for the damage caused by the leak but it does have to pay for any damage to your property in repairing the leak.

So what do you do when you come home and there’s water pouring out of your ceiling.  And why should you pay for the resulting paint job?  That’s HERE.

OK, maybe I exaggerated about being “inspired”. However, as usual, by the time you’ve read this, there will be more questions on the Forum – keep checking in; one of them might have a solution to your problems.


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