Roundup: After you’ve voted on same-sex marriage …

Cast your vote in the Flat Chat poll on whether or not our strata committees should speak on our behalf.

It’s interesting watching the discussions over same sex marriage and seeing who is coming out against or in favour.

My gym had an idiotic exchange on its Facebook page this week when some moron posted that if (when?) same-sex marriage is legalised, men will have to be allowed into the women’s changing rooms.

There are two remarkable revelations in all this.  The first is that some idiots believed this utter tosh and were ready to go to the barricades over it. The other is that I go to the gym.

Sadly, all the predictions that all a plebiscite would do would be to delay the inevitable while bringing our collective bias, ignorance and nastiness to the surface are being proved right on a daily basis.

Even so, it’s interesting when bodies that don’t, on the face of it, seem to have anything to do with the core debate take sides, one way or another.

Qantas and the NRL have both nailed their rainbow colours to the mast and, whatever side you take in the discussion, you can be forgiven for wondering exactly what their motivation is.

Which leads us to the hot Flat Chat topic of the week, should our strata committees be expected or even allowed to present their opinions on our behalf?

We’re not talking about gender equality but much more fundamental issues like street lighting and planning applications.  One school of thought says it’s not in the Act so they should keep their opinions to themselves.

But another body of opinion holds that someone has to speak for the investor owners and those who can’t speak for themselves – and silence from a strata committee speaks volumes on issues that affect residents.

You can read the discussions here.

And then come back and vote in the first Flat Chat Poll we have had for many, many years.

Click on your preferred answer then click on vote.  You can only vote once.

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