ROUNDUP: What’s the rule on catch-all by-laws?


There’s an interesting twist on the question of by-laws and rules that came in the other day – can the owners corp create enabling by-laws that allow them to create rules on a more casual basis.

The answer would have to be yes  … and no.

Yes, because you have to have rules for, for instance, the use of the gym or swimming pool (if you have them) and they have to be backed up by a by-law.

But then you don’t want to have a by-law for every little aspect of mamanment in your strata scheme.

Oh, and just to complicate thing, “rules” is what they call by-laws in Victoria.

But getting back to the original question, what’s the difference between by-laws and rules (in NSW) and can you have a by-law that allows the committee to create enforceable rules as and when they please?  That’s HERE.

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