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Is your secure car park really safe?  Do you ever find tailgaters are following you into your block? Do you wonder if that stranger slipping in through open garage gates should be in the building?

Strata residents are being warned by police that their buildings, car parking and storage spaces are targets for criminals following an escalation in thefts and break-ins. 

Cars, storage boxes and storage cages are easy pickings, but entry to your parking garage can also allow access to apartments if your security is on the slack side.

But there’s no need to run vigilante patrols of the car park,or cower in fear behind triple-locked doors. The Owners Corporation Network is hosting a free, on-line webinar open to anyone living in strata, anywhere in Australia.

The “Be Safe in Strata” webinar on 30 June from 1-2pm features a line-up of experts including NSW Police Crime Prevention Officer, David Kearney; President of Master Locksmiths, Peter Lloyd; building security expert Raymond Vardanega from Bells Access Control Services and Gordon Streight owner and property investor. 

A Q&A session will give attendees a chance to raise any specific queries or concerns.

“One of the things many people hope living in strata will give them is a greater level of safety and security,” said OCN Chairman Fred Tuckwell.

“Where there is a strong sense of community that can be true. However, physical elements to security can often be neglected, and that is what this webinar will explore.”

For example, thieves look at whether mail has built up in letterboxes to ascertain whether an apartment is empty. Issues with the building CCTV may have not been discovered because there is no regular testing of the system.

“These are so many aspects of security that can be improved at low cost,” Fred said. “Just doing a basic security audit is a valuable step, and the webinar will explain what that entails.”

You can sign up for the free webinar, supported by City of Sydney and Bells Access, just by clicking on this link.

And don’t forget the in-person Strata Matters seminar on July 20, where you can see and hear Fair Trading Minister Kevin Anderson, Building Commissioner David Chandler plus Fair Trading’s Consumer Building & Property Director Matt Whitton, and Issues Resolution & Advisory Services Director Kathy Townsend.

It will be hosted by yours truly, JimmyT, and you can find out more about it including how to register, HERE.

For further information on this and other OCN events go to https://ocn.org.au/events/

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