Roundup: Short-stay concerns for stars in flats


I was wondering this week about how some of the more famous residents of apartment buildings in touristy spots might feel if the parliamentary committee looking into the holiday letting laws proposes legislation that allows short-stay lets in apartment buildings, regardless of their by-laws.

Some of them, at least, aren’t likely to be too happy about bumping into holidaying families and yahoos on the razzle on their own doorstep every weekend.

Purely as a hypothetical example, radio host Alan Jones lives in an apartment block down near the Opera House.  Now, that would have to be a red-hot Airbnb spot … if short-stay lets were allowed (which they are currently definitely not).

There’s a very handy building in the Rocks that former Prime Minister Paul Keating often visits and former NSW Premier Kerry Chikarovski lives – again, short stays are currently forbidden.

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich lives in a block where investors might well be hot to trot online, if the by-laws didn’t ban short-term letting. Craig McLachlan lives in a pad just up the road that is similarly restrictive, while Marcus Graham is in flats just around the corner.

Now these are just the celebrities I can name off the top of my head who live or have lived in apartment blocks in tourist areas, and a lot of them choose to do so for convenience combined with a level of privacy and security.

But it can’t be too long before their neighbours’ units are pitched online like a Hollywood map of the stars. Want to share a swimming pool or a lift with your favourite TV star or politician? Book here and don’t forget your camera.

That’s all speculation, of course. Back in the here and now, another trickle of tricky questions has turned into a flood of facts and opinions on the Flat Chat Forum:

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