Size matters for a great dog

We got a message the other day from a reader who has been given permission by her landlord to have a dog and the apartment block she’s renting in has a pet-friendly policy … so far, so good.

But there are conditions, one of which is that any dogs have to be carried – or be capable of being carried – across common property.

Her problem is that she has a Great Dane.

Now, before you go jumping to conclusions, a Great Dane is regarded by many as a perfect apartment dog.  They are docile, they don’t bark every time someone walks past the door (are you listening Mr Jack Russell?) and they don’t require much exercise  – they get enough just walking around.

So what do you do about this rule?  The thing about most by-laws in most buildings is that they are observed almost as much in the breach as they are in enforcement.

Make sure your dog isn’t a nuisance, take it in and out through your car park, if need be, and be especially nice to anyone you meet, just so they don’t complain.

If you do get a Notice To Comply, stick a saddle on its back and get it to carry you.

But seriously, if you have a dog that may be larger than your by-laws strictly allow, be as considerate as you can with your neighbours.

Don’t get in the lift with the dog if someone is already in it.  If someone gets in when you are already there, reassure them that it’s a gentle giant (and if it isn’t, what the hell are you doing with it in an apartment block?).

Respond to any complaints positively and immediately, and make sure the dog doesn’t damage common property or make a mess or smell and you might get away with it.

If you are thinking of getting a dog go to THIS PAGE on the forum for links that will give you good advice – and even suggest the perfect dog for you

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