From the Forum: Strata manager charges have 10 pages of “extras”


Your strata scheme is in disarray, the strata manager doesn’t know what they’re doing (or doesn’t care … or both). There hasn’t been a committee election for years and nobody knows who is supposed to be doing what.

A new strata manager is all ready to roll in and sort everything out.  However, their contract has 10 pages of Schedule B charges that mean they get paid more for every little extra thing they do.

Ten pages? That’s more than the wine list in a posh restaurant … or the instructions for that new gadget you got for Christmas (in the booklet you discarded as soon as you found out where to put the batteries).

It’s also a potential goldmine for a strata manager moving into a dysfunctional strata scheme where the emails and phone calls are flying thick and fast.

So what do you do?  The answer may be HERE.

And here’s another strata manager related question. What do you do when you discover that for years the strata manager, whose offices are in your block, has been using the cleaners employed to work on common property to clean their offices?  That’s HERE.

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