Free webinar aims to counter strata confusion


Any regular reader of this website will know that the lack of knowledge about and understanding of strata issues can range from the hilarious to the heart-rending.

“How can I resign from my owners corporation?” is a question asked more frequently than you might imagine. (Answer: You can’t.)

“Do by-laws apply to tenants?” (Yes, most definitely.)

“Council and EPA regulations limit noise after 11pm and before 7am – so by-laws about noise aren’t valid, right?”(Wrong – EPA restrictions operate on top of strata by-laws, not instead of them.)

“I can’t afford the special levies for replacing windows – can I opt out?” (Depends where you live: no in NSW; maybe in Victoria).

These and many other strata issues stem from misunderstandings around the rights and responsibilities that come with strata ownership.

They are widespread and often profound, yet there’s no compulsory training for strata owners – or even committee members – let alone a “driving test” for apartment and townhouse residents.

But help is at hand.  The Owners Corporation Network in conjunction with City of Sydney and Strata Answers’ Strata Skills 101 program, is running a free online webinar on basic strata knowledge and essential skills.

The Webinar will preview some of the short videos created for Strata Skills 101 to reach residents and owners seeking a better understanding of some of the basic issues.

Participants will will have the opportunity to ask questions as well as provide their own insights from their experiences in their own buildings.

This will help Strata Skills 101 to focus on areas where there is a clear need for simple and clear explanations on strata living.

The Understanding the Strata Basics free online Zoom webinar is on June 16, from 1 to 2pm and you can register HERE.

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