Should my strata committee speak for me?

We chat about the heated exchanges on the Flat Chat Forum regarding whether or not your committee should discuss anything except what’s going on in the building – and we find another listener whose neighbour has dug a cellar under her unit.  Honest!


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  1. Cas2022 says:

    In NSW our Owners Corp decided to change over the system of keys to security fobs and charge $400 for security fobs although it cost less than $25 to purchase them. All records of past deposits for keys were “lost”. It is a complex of around 60 with no history of overcrowding or short term letting issues. A small group of owners objected until a general meeting could be held to ratify the costs.

    The Strata Committee representing the Owners Corp refused to attend mediation and reportedly spent over $30k engaging a solicitor defending the action through hearings. The strata committee did not get authority to spend over the mandatory $12,500.

    NCAT ruled there was nothing in the legislation dictating how much an Owner’s Corporation may charge for fobs and dismissed the proceedings.

    The Owners Corp then tried to charge us for the legal fees. NCAT ruled that we were not to reimburse however turned a blind eye to the excessive funds paid to take on the legal challenge without authority.

    Overcharging of fobs is a real issue in some strata schemes and needs to be addressed in the legislation.

  2. Phil Gall says:

    I suggest that you lobby your fellow owners and, at the next Annual General Meeting, have a new Strata Committee elected. Good luck finding willing and capable volunteers. However, if the anger is real it should not be a problem.

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