Strata madness – tell us what’s driving you crazy


Is something bugging you? I mean, is there anything about living in strata that’s REALLY getting your goat, curdling your blood and leaving your mustard uncut.

At the OCN Strata Matters conference (aka Flat Chat Live) next month we’ll be looking at how to deal with owners and committee members who don’t know, don’t care and won’t listen.

We’ll also have panels on what you can and can’t do about short-term letting in your block and what you can and should do about flammable cladding on your building.

So far, so good (or bad, depending on your point of view).  But there must be other issues part from the big-ticket items. In fact, I’ll take a punt and say that parties, pets and parking are still pretty high on most people’s agendas, along with puffing (smoke drift – but I wanted to keep the P thing going).

So if you want something raised, preferably just a general point and not the latest salvo in an ongoing dispute with your neighbours, drop us a line to mail@flat-chat.com.au with Strata Matters in the subject line and we’ll add it to the agenda (anonymously if you wish) for due consideration.

You can find out more and sign up to get priority booking for the event on March 10th by clicking RIGHT HERE. Don’t leave it too late – we’re pretty sure it’s going to sell out.

Meanwhile, life goes on in Strataland, as the latest questions and answers to the Flat Chat forum attest.

  • Copy-and-paste by-law costs $700 from strata manager-approved lawyer. Paying said lawyer to check your own cutting and pasting will cost … you guessed it … $700. Is this a rort? THAT’S HERE.
  • What do you do when your strata manager writes the AGM agenda without consulting the owners or committee?  THAT’S HERE.  
  • Lord save us from hobbyists! The guy on the next-door balcony is spray painting model cars all the time. THAT’S HERE.
  • What do you do when a previous owner leaves behind an unapproved air-con system that’s now leaking. THAT’S HERE.
  • Can we pass a by-law that effectively allows the strata committee to enter homes to check on common property? THAT’S HERE.

Just about every strata issue imaginable (and a few unimaginable) have been debated, dissected and dealt with on the Flat Chat Forum.  Do a strata-living friend a favour and pass on this newsletter.

And while I have your attention, somewhere on this page there’s an ad for my new book called ‘Perfect Criminals’.

Is it about strata? Well, it starts in the lift of an apartment block where a young woman is trying to revive an old man who’s having a heart attack … or is she trying to kill him?

It’s a fictional caper that’ll take you from Kings Cross to Hollywood … and might not bring you back.  And you can work out for yourself how much of it is true.

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