When to take your strata problems to the media


When, if ever, should you expose your strata problems to the newspapers, TV or social media?

As a strata committee, are you running the risk of devaluing your block and all the units in it? 

As an individual, are you potentially escalating the battle with a developer or committee to a whole new level?

These are questions that will be addressed by journalist and author Sue Williams at the Strata Matters conference next month in Kirribilli, on Sydney’s North Shore.

Writing about property is just one of the many strings to Sue’s bow – she has written 25 books, is an award-winning travel writer and, of course, is co-host of the weekly Flat Chat Wrap podcast.

She was also co-author of Apartment Living, the seminal book on Australian strata life, and co-founded the Owners Corporation Network, which is hosting the Strata Matters owners day.

As for her opinion on using the media to make your lives better, she will explain how her story about two young men who were being cheated out of their off-the-plan home ended up with the law on sunset clauses being changed for everyone – and they got to keep their flat.

Sue will also explain the best way to make the most of your 15 minutes of media fame, to optimise your chances of success.

The Strata Matters owners’ day is on July 20th from 10am to 2pm and will be hosted by yours truly, with special guests including the Fair Trading (or Better Regulations) Minister Kevin Anderson, Building Commissioner David Chandler and senior Fair Trading directors, Matt Whitton and Kathy Townsend.

The last three will give their own presentations then take part in a panel discussion in the afternoon, where they will answer as many of your questions as we can get to.

Tickets are going fast for this event and numbers will be limited so don’t hesitate if you want to be part of this.

You can find more details HERE about the where and when of this unique opportunity to talk strata with people who really know.

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