New date set for Strata Matters conference


There I was, sharpening up my one-liners, trying to remember who I’d insulted in Fair Trading and dusting off my kilt for next week’s Strata Matters conference, when someone switched off the lights.

But the good news for those of you who didn’t get round to booking your seat at the Owners Corporation Network (OCN) event which was to take place next week … it has only been postponed for a month due to the Covid-19 lockdown in Sydney.

We already have a new date and the event will now take place on Thursday, August 12, in Kirribilli.

It’s going to be an absolute must-see with a keynote address by Better Regulation (aka Fair Trading) Minister Kevin Anderson as well as an address and panel session with Building Commissioner David Chandler.

There will also be contributions Fair Trading’s Consumer Building & Property Director Matt Whitton, and Fair Trading Issues Resolution & Advisory Services Director Kathy Townsend.

And there will be an insight into how and why owners can get the media involved to publicise their issues when no-one else is listening.

This is very relevant with rumblings in Fair Trading that some owners corps are deliberately hiding their defects so as not to damage their property values.

Going to the media can be a gamble but, as author, journalist and podcast co-host (and OCN co-founder) Sue Williams will explain, it can be a very effective tool if you know what you are doing.

Hosted by yours truly, and supported by City of Sydney, the event will also cover critical issues around building defects and cladding as well as changes to NSW strata living regulations, a topic that’s particularly timely with the NSW building reforms having come into effect from July 1.

There will also be a Q&A panel session to give audience members a chance to raise their most pressing concerns.

You’ll find the updated details of the conference and a chance to book your seats here on the OCN website.

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