Strata regs: The legals have landed


The new strata regulations are with us and it is interesting to see what kind of flesh they have put on the bones of the impending strata law reforms.

Regulations are the nuts and bolts of strata law and, as in everything else in life, the devil is in the detail.  For instance, the law allows for electronic voting but the regulations state how that may be delivered and all that other technical stuff.

To read the new strata regulations in PDF, click here

They contain two sets of by-laws – one mandatory for pre-1996 schemes and optional ones for everyone else (and even then there are further options on topics like pets and smoking).

The great thing about regulations is that they can be changed without an Act of Parliament.  That’s why the word ‘regulation’ appears about 80 times in the new Act.  They’re saying we have to do such and such, but if you want to know what “such and such” actually means, check the regulations – they may have changed since the last time you looked.

It’s smart, flexible and practical. The law provides the rules but the regulations tell you how to play the game.

And if you want to know exactly what the rules are, click here for the full document as a PDF.

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