Tenant wants to pay more for dog

QUESTION: I recently bought an apartment which has a by-law to exclude dogs. Apparently  they had issues with a previous dog and decided all dogs should be banned.

I don’t have a dog but I’m looking to rent out my second room and received an application from a prospective tenant offering to pay 10% if she can bring her dog along.

I’d like to propose repealing the special by law and reinstating the standard Option A for pets so responsible pet owners aren’t excluded. Does anyone have any tips for proposing a change in by-law or alternative ideas? – Ruffy, (edited from Forum).

ANSWER: This is a clear example of how blanket bans on pets can affect the value of properties but Ruffy’s neighbours might be happy with the way things are.

To change any by-law you need 75 percent of votes in favour at a general meeting and this is one of those issues that will attract high participation.

So get to know your neighbours, who wants what and where the power lies. Then propose an update of by-laws that includes the standard pet one, rather than make that the sole issue.  This question appears in full and is discussed at length here on the Forum.

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