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Over the past few years, we have been grateful to Tenants Union for the advice offered on their website. We haven’t always agreed on everything but we’re glad they’re around.

Admittedly their information is directed at  renters and our readers tend to be owners, despite the fact that more than half the residents of strata are renting their units.

Why would that be?  Perhaps it’s as simple as the major benefit of being a tenant – in the face of a lot of drawbacks – being flexibility. Tenants, faced with bad neighbours and incompetent committees, rather than sitting up all night typing angry posts to Flat Chat, sit out their leases and move on when the six months are up.

In any case, their simple, well-presented information on residential tenancy laws on tenants.org.au is just as valuable for landlords who want to do the right thing as it is for tenants who feel they are being wronged.

Anyway, the following press release landed on our desk last week and we are happy to replicate it here.  And check out their My House, My Home video too and, of course, by ‘house’ they mean apartments too,

The Tenants Union of NSW is turning 40! A lot has changed in the rental housing market in the past 40 years, but the need for a strong advocate for better laws and protections for tenants is as great as ever.

‘More people are renting than ever before. Today more than one in three people in NSW rent, and many of us – an increasing number – are families with children. And we are renting for longer, spending greater periods of our lives as tenants in the rental market”, said Ned Cutcher, Senior Policy Officer at the Tenants’ Union of NSW. ‘Renters in NSW can still be told to leave their home for no reason. There are no limits on how often rent can be increased, and there needs to be an easier way for renters to challenge an excessive increase.’ said Mr Cutcher.

‘Our renting laws need to change to provide greater security for everyone who makes a rented house their home,’ The Tenants’ Union is an established voice for tenants, advocating for secure, liveable, and affordable housing for all renters. We secured funding for a state-wide Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service in the mid 1990s that continues to provide invaluable advice and resources to renters today.

We have contributed to fairer laws and simple dispute resolution processes. And we have ensured that tenants always have a strong, clear voice in a forever-changing conversation.

To celebrate our birthday the Tenant’ Union is hosting a forum and party in August: ‘House and Home: Looking Back, Looking Forward’. The Hon. Victor Dominello, the Minister responsible for Fair Trading, will deliver the opening address.

See also our video: ‘My House, My Home: Views from Macquarie Street’. Event details: House and Home: Looking Back, Looking Forward Monday 15 August 2016, Forum: 12 noon to 4.30pm, Party: 5pm to 7pm Redfern Town Hall, 73 Pitt Street, Redfern, Bookings are essential – www.trybooking.com/LRPW. Find more information at: www.tenantsunion.org.au/40th-anniversary.

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