Tenants: ‘You’re not the boss of me’

QUESTION: The Executive Committee wants to communicate with tenants and tell them of “duties” that they should be participating in – like rubbish removal etc.

I don’t agree with EC members/strata manager communicating with tenants. The EC and strata manager are not managing the tenants. It is the owners’ responsibility to inform them of by-laws and duties.

Do all owners with tenants need to specify to talk to them only and not tenants? Who knows what the EC will tell tenants to do without the owner’s consent! – Apple45, via Forum.

ANSWER: Forum regular Scotlandx agrees:  “The EC or Owners Corp doesn’t have a contractual relationship with the tenants, the landlord does. The EC certainly can’t tell tenants to perform duties. How they are going to make them comply?  A strata plan isn’t a police state.”

But CBF disagrees.  “I think it’s a good idea in the interests of maintaining a healthy happy building to send a friendly letter to all residents to remind them of their obligations rather than spend too much time and money contacting individual agents.”

I know I’d rather get a nudge from the neighbours than a formal letter of complaint to my landlords.  How about you? Read the whole debate and join in HERE.

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