The bro must go

QUESTION:  When I rented my current share flat, my roomie told me he would only be there three or four nights a week, which was one of the reasons I took the place. Now his brother has started turning up on the nights he isn’t here.

The brother is OK but not the kind of guy I want to share with. Also, neither of them are permanent so I get left with all the cleaning and tidying up to do.

My flat mate is the leaseholder and I did say it was OK when he first put it to me. What can I do? – NoBro, Bondi Beach.

ANSWER:  I’d start by telling your flat mate that one of the reasons you took the room was because you liked him and knew you’d get on.

Now a third person has arrived over whom you had little real choice and it’s just not fair that you should be put in that position.

Your roomie might realise the predicament he’s put you in and tell his brother to stop coming round.  But, just as likely, you could end up spending your next few Saturdays looking for a flat share.

However, better that than feeling like a stranger in your own home

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