The perfect gift for your pet – a treat-feeding spy camera


If you are one of those families that gets Christmas cards from their pets – how do those flat-dwelling moggies get out to the Post Office? – you’ll probably want to give them a gift in return.

OK, we know that they’ll probably prefer the wrapping to the contents – what cat doesn’t love an empty shoebox –  but it’s the thought that counts.

This year our friends at Pet insurance Australia have done the thinking for us and have come up with a list that ranges from the weird to the wonderful and the brilliant to the slightly bonkers.

Which is which? Where would you place a  spay camera that allows you to play with and watch your pup by remote control and even feed it pet treats.  You be the judge.

The following editorial was provided by Pet Insurance Australia and we run it unedited and without comment (apart from that comment). Click on a number below to find the perfect gift for your pet.

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