Things that make you go woof!

Recently a bloke in a flat across the street was having trouble lighting his barbie and the application of ‘accelerant’ was required.

Whoomph!  Suddenly there were flames from his Hibachi to his ceiling (or floor of the upstairs unit, depending on your POV) while he and his girlfriend were left to wonder where their eyebrows had gone.

Which leads me to the poll that’s been running online in Domain, the results of which I can barely bring myself to reveal.

Asked if you would prefer not to rent in a building that banned pets or barbecues, 47 percent of you could live with both and another 23 percent said they’d prefer no pets but banning barbies was “unAustralian”.

Out of about 900 respondents, only a measly five percent said keep the pets but lose the snag-burners and 25 percent said ban them both.

Which makes me wonder if the vote was rigged by a bizarre coalition of Animal Liberation and Barbecues Galore.

But seriously, it’s a free country.  And so as long as my downstairs neighbours persist in smoking-out my flat, I will continue to fart in their lifts.

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