Want to be an apartment lifestyle influencer?


Ever thought you’d like to have your own online magazine or website?  Imagine being able to write about whatever you wanted and feature all the innovations and designs that excited you personally.

With a bit of luck, you could even become an influencer, with lots of goodies and freebies landing on your doorstep every day.

Maybe you can – if you take on our online publication Title Magazine and do the work to make it a thriving insight into all the good things in apartment living again.

Title Magazine (Australia) was born a few years ago we decided that answering people’s complaints and questions and offering advice to people who were having problems in apartments, had an unavoidably negative slant.

You can’t talk about fixing problems without mentioning what the problems are.

But we love apartment living so we decided to launch a magazine that extolled its virtues by focussing on design, lifestyle and travel (remember travel?).

We hit our first problem when our initial investor couldn’t come up with the cash we’d been promised.

However, we soldiered on and produced three copies of the magazine which we delivered free to high-end apartment blocks in Sydney and Melbourne.

You can find online copies of two print issues here and here.

Then reality hit home. We were getting a very positive response from readers but print and distribution costs were exceeding advertising income and we were heading for a huge financial cliff.

So we pulled back and tried to bring the magazine out as an online-only entity.

What we then learned is that you can’t make a success of something on the internet just by adding a couple of articles and pictures every week or two.  You have to work it … really work it.

Meanwhile Sue and I have seen our time swallowed up by this website and our journalism commitments, as well as our books, podcasts and TV and radio projects.

So Titlemagazine.com.au has been trundling along, on life-support for a year or two now.

We could just let it go, but we still think it’s a good idea that just needs a little TLC and a lot of work to make it as good as it could be.

Anybody taking it on would need an eye for design, style and good writing.  They’d need to employ a web designer to bring the website up to date and they’d need to pay someone to work on the SEO. 

It would help a lot to have someone who could pull in some online advertising and have a good handle on social media.

If you are that person, we’d be interested in selling you the domain name(s), the company and the content – all debt-free and clear of any commitments.  We’d even throw in a little hands-on advice, and a few contacts to get you started.

In return all we’d want is to recoup our set-up costs for the website. 

If you are interested, drop us a line at mail@flat-chat.com.au with the word “Title” in the subject line and we’ll be in touch for an initial chat.

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