Luna reigns for cats and dogs as top pet names revealed


OK, I have never met a cat or dog called Luna, which apparently is the most popular name for females of both species.

As for male pets, it seems we are calling our dogs Archie (after a certain royal, no doubt) and our tom cats are most often called Charlie.

And I had no idea why Nala would rapidly rocket into contention, especially for cats, but then I have never watched either screen version of The Lion King.

Anyway, it’s that time of year when Pet Insurance Australia reveals its top pet names and there are some newbies making the list for 2019.

“It could be a little royal fever mixed in with the traditional names for 2019,” says Nadia Crighton from PIA. “Archie is certainly the favourite in our dog names and also making second place for cats.”

“We also have some new names making the list this year, including Oreo and the very popular Nala, alongside our traditional favourites of Luna, Bella and Cocco.”

Oreo?  You’d name your cat after a biscuit?  My cat, McNulty, would never stand for it.

Anyway, here are this years top names for pets (at least, those named by people who buy pet insurance).


Female: Luna, Bella, Coco, Daisy, Ruby, Molly, Frankie, Lola, Nala, Millie.

Male: Archie, Charlie, Buddy, Teddy, Max, Milo, Alfie, Ollie, Bailey, Leo.


Females: Luna, Nala, Bella, Cocco, Mia, Cleo, Lily, Molly, Poppy, Chloe.

Males: Charlie, Loki, Archie, Leo, Simba, Jasper, Max, Ollie, Oscar, Oreo.

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