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    We are a 8 unit strata in Armadale Melbourne.

    We have conducted a vote and the result was: 4 Yes, 3 No, 1 unfinancial as levies not paid.

    The strata manager says as there is  not a majority 5 out of 8 votes, so the motion is not passed.

    However shouldn’t this be treated as a majority of 4 out of 7 financial unit owners. So the motion is passed.

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    Unless it is an issue requiring a unanimous vote, the votes of non-financial owners are not counted.  So, tes, it is 4 out of seve – a mjority.

    Now, a warning.  You are posting multiple versions of the same questions but altering the figures here and there.  This has to stop or you will be suspended from the Forum. If you have a genuine question, ask it.  Meanwhile download  a copy of the Victoria Owners Corporation Act 2006 and read it thoroughly.  All your answers are there.


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