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    Can somebody confirm from what point/date the notice period starts?

    Obviously the strata agent is playing semantics and saying, he “issued” the meeting notice on time (on time for him!).

    However, this meant the owners received the annual general meeting agenda with 5 working days notice, max 6 working days.

    Meeting date – 5 Dec

    Meeting notice prepared by strata – 14 Nov

    Meeting notice posted by strata – 21 Nov

    Meeting notice received by owners – 24 and 26 Nov.


    Strata also left out a special resolution issue – citing excuses, so that they wouldn’t get caught on the 21 days notice issue.


    Is a electronic voting motion a special resolution item?


    According to fairtrade website:

    the Model constitution applies, members must be given at least 14 days’ notice of an AGM, or 21 days’ notice if a special resolution is to be proposed. 


    I would really appreciate a prompt response, please.

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