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    About two years ago, I got a phone call from two of my editors at the Sydney Morning Herald. I should say “former editors” – none of us work there any longer.

    They had received a delegation from Airbnb complaining about me.  Apparently, I had at that point published 33 negative pieces.  Airbnb’s people said I was an activist, …

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    Hi Jimmy

    you analyse  the issue so well.

    Every  time I hear Airbnb talk about the “ sharing” economy I want to notify the authorities about false and misleading conduct in trade or commerce.

    I ask  this question “ when someone goes to a prostitute is she “ sharing “ her body or is it a straight commercial transaction?

    The amazing think is how many pollies ( let by the Minister for Airbnb , Matt Kean) have drunk the kool aid.

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