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    Do you think online holiday letting agencies Airbnb and Stayz are different sides of the same coin? Well settle in for a verbal joust between the main players in the holiday letting industry who have given up all pretence of being “frenemies” and are now pitted against each other in a bitter war of words.

    The recent battle began …

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    As someone who is ‘in the room’ I can tell your readers that all the stakeholders including Owners Corporation Network of Australia Pty Ltd, Local Government NSW, the real estate, property investor and holiday letting industry stakeholders have all supported an lobbied for a registration system. The truth is that it is ONLY Airbnb who has its nose out of joint.

    There is bi partisan support for a general registration system in the Parliament and across all the stakeholders. The fact is that we now have a Minister who understands there are legitimate regulatory and compliance issues. The public interest is served by doing what most other countries do. It is not a big deal….unless you want to profit from illegal STRA.

    This is democracy at work and that is what it means to be part of a community.

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