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    Hi, my question is about air conditioning in a unit complex that was installed prior to the strata was setup.
    I own a unit in an old building built in the 1920s that wasn’t strata’d until the 1980s.
    Prior to this it operated for some time as serviced apartments. During its serviced apartment period individual split systems were installed with the compressors in the light wells and the head units in the living areas. All units had the same type installed. The Daikin units installed would now be well over 30 years old.
    When the strata scheme was set up and the individual lots sold off the a/c was in place.
    So the question is who is responsible for the a/c units servicing and general maintenance and replacement once they reach the end of their serviceable life?
    I am on the SC and there are no By-Laws relating to the a/c at all – nothing about use of the light wells for the compressors, nothing about new installations etc.


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