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    If you send queries to the strata committee, do they have to answer you?  Following multiple emails on different subjects, as an owner I am being ignored and am now becoming angry.  I can’t find answers to this issue anywhere.

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    AvatarColonel Schultz

    Perhaps not if you didn’t specifically ask for a reply.

    You can end your emails with something like; if I do not hear back from you by COB on xxx date I will assume yyy, or start by describing the response you want and your deadline. You need to be assertive with the power trippers. The secretary is the one you should address as it has the obligation to answer you.


    I hear you Topshelia. I’m on the committee and I rarely get responses too. It’s disrespectful. Appeal to their softer side and ask them how they would like to be approached. Attend their next mtg. Sorry, can’t really help much. But I understand.

    Sir HumphreySir Humphrey

    Sometimes committee members can discuss things so much within the bubble that they lose track of how much is known outside. When I was on a committee, I came to the conclusion that people needed to be told 3 times before it sunk in to all. Now I am not on our committee, I am sometimes annoyed that the present committee is not as communicative as we (the earlier committees) tried to be.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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