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    Our NSW strata scheme has had a bit of a rough ride the last few years, including some issues with the administration of the accounts. The result is that some people paid their levy, some people haven’t paid their levy (as they didn’t want to or claimed they didn’t know they had to), and some people weren’t invoiced their levy (with some but not all chasing up the relevant strata manager to be invoiced).

    The new strata managers haven’t been able to confirm who has paid and who hasn’t paid due to the lack of proper bookkeeping (as well as the lack of voluntary disclosure from parties who haven’t paid). The result is that there is an amnesty on those unpaid levies. You can imagine the problems this is causing in regard to fairness.

    To be clear this is a levy in regard to the use of some amenities of the building which aren’t used by everyone. Essentially it’s a user pays system and was voted at a general meeting. Ir’s unclear whether it can even be described as a levy.

    Can a general amnesty be provided on unpaid levies? The oustanding amount is anywhere between $20k and $50k so not exactly peanuts.

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