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    Hi Jimmy

    Are you able to share the protocols in place at the Elan & Altair to deal with  visitors, deliveries and self-isolating close contacts?


    Are you able to share the protocols in place at the Elan & Altair to deal with visitors, deliveries and self-isolating close contacts?

    Here are the Altair protocols (I don’t have the Elan’s).  Some aspects may be different for different buildings but you get the general thrust.  I’m reproducing this in the hope that it may be helpful to committees in other buildings. This publication has not been sanctioned by the Altair strata committee, but I think these protocols are pretty good so I’m sharing them in the public interest.

    It’s also worth noting that the Altair management is now a bit more insistent on wearing masks on common property and has imposed passenger numbers and distancing requirement in our lifts – both of which are smart moves, in my book.


    We wish to provide services for people who cannot leave their apartment due to self-isolation in a safe manner for all parties.

    Food and General Delivery.

    – Food (grocery and ready-to-eat) and General delivery will be collected from the delivery person by the concierge. This service is only for self-isolators.
    – The concierge will alert the isolator by phone and make the delivery as soon as practical, bearing in mind their other duties.
    – The concierge will knock on the door, leave the food and/or delivery outside the door, and depart.
    – There will be no contact between the isolator and the concierge.


    – Any isolating apartment will be given enough plastic bags to cover a daily collection for 14 days by the concierges on application.
    – We would request that as much as possible the isolator consolidates rubbish to minimise collections, but once a day is OK.
    – When the isolator has consolidated rubbish, they ring the concierge to arrange a pick-up.
    – Please ensure that the concierge is available to pick up before putting rubbish outside the apartment door to minimise the time that rubbish is in the foyer.
    – All rubbish must be in the plastic bag provided. Please double-bag rubbish.
    – The concierge picks up the rubbish and puts it in a special rubbish container unique to ‘COVID’ rubbish.
    – The concierge must wear gloves and a mask supplied by Altair Building Management and dispose of those gloves with the rubbish in the landfill disposal
    – The concierge will be supplied disinfectant to spray the apartment door handle…and the inside of the ‘COVID’ bin when emptied.
    – All ‘COVID’ rubbish must go into the landfill rubbish – it cannot be re-cycled.
    – Please do NOT put ‘COVID’ rubbish down the chute. That would be a safety hazard to our cleaners.


    – We appreciate that self-isolation can be a lonely business
    – Please note that the concierges are often busy with their duties, particularly between 7am and 7pm
    – If you want some-one to talk to please e-mail a request to concierge@altairapartments.com and we will try and arrange for some-one to call for a chat


    – The concierges maintain a register of anyone self-isolating.
    – We will advise all apartments on the same floor as the isolating apartment that you are self-isolating.
    – We appreciate that some people may think that this might trigger privacy issues, but we believe that privacy is secondary to the health of our residents. We are advised by our Strata Manager that this action is consistent with the WH&S act and in accord with NSW Health directions.

    We will monitor these protocols for efficiency and effectiveness

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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