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    I have e-mailed the Strata Management,with a question and thy forwarded my e-mails to the Strata Committee. They do not seem to want to answer my questions. Can anyone tell me if the Strata Committee has a legal obligation to answer owners questions or reply to e-mails?

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    There is no legal requirement for any committee member, even the Secretary, to reply to emails, however, it is reasonable to expect an acknowledgement of receipt.

    The strata manager is doing the right thing in passing them on to the strata committee as they are the decision-makers.

    However, there is a potential political cost attached to not replying when you come up for election every year.

    Sir Humphrey

    Forwarding your email does not seem unreasonable. The buck stops with the committee. The strata manager is the servant of the Owners Corporation which is represented by the committee. If your emailed question or comment is something the strata manager is uncertain about or it is something that the committee should be aware of or requires a decision, then it is certainly proper for the manager to refer it to the committee. As a committee member, I would want to know about all enquiries or comments that come to the managing agent except those that are routine and uncomplicated.

    I am not aware of a requirement to respond (I am in the ACT so less familiar with legislation elsewhere) but it is polite and good politics to do so. As a committee member we do on occasions see frequent correspondents who perhaps need to get another hobby(horse).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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