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    I have heard horror stories about compulsory strata managers. I have not heard anything good about them following their appointment as they have unfettered control over your strata plan.  Often, when you ring up the Office of Fair Trading about some complex issue, they suggest applying to NCAT for a compulsory strata manager.  Has anyone been happy with their compulsory strata manager? Would love to hear from you. Thanks.

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    At the risk of promoting one of our sponsor (and, hey, why shouldn’t we?) I know that a troubled building where Strata Choice were compulsorily appointed strata managers a couple of years ago has recently signed them up for the next three years, so it’s not all bad news.

    If you are going for a compulsory appointment, you need to take the manager you want in with you or you will get the next cab off an often unimpressive list.  You might get the Rolls Royce or you might get the clown car.

    Find a strata manager who seems to understand the issues and is honest about how much it’s going to cost and what they are going to do. And remember that they have to do things by the book … which is why you needed them in the first place.

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