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    I have purchased a unit and settlement is in 10 days.  In the meantime I wish to initiate an application with the Strata agent  for installation of  a hardwood floating floor.  I do not intend to replace the floor until settlement has occurred.  The managing agent refuses to initiate the application or even acknowledge what has been approved in the past and this will considerably delay my moving to the property.  Could you please advise if this is a ‘common’ occurence and whether there is any step I can take to speed things along.  

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    I have experience with your situation.

    1) I sold a villa last year. New owners wanted to start renos on settlement day. I raised the motion for the renos. (They told me exactly what they were doing. It was a  minor renovation). Since we were self managed and I was chairman/secretary , I got a meeting notice out quickly and motion was passed.

    You do need the cooperation of the SM or OC to make it happen quickly.

    2) Daughter bought a villa last year. AGM was 2 Days after settlement. SM allowed motion for Reno  to be put on agenda. Motion was passed, even though we already started the strip out before the meeting.

    Again if you can get some cooperation from the OC or the SM they can make things happen.

    None of the above contravened any Strata laws

    good luck


    As you don’t own the property you have no standing to make an application. 

    It does sound like the agent is being difficult, as there are preliminary things you could do to progress an application – have you raised this with the seller of the property?

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