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    I live in a block of 64 units built in the 1970’s so maintenance of the building is an ongoing issue.  We have recently completed replacing the tiles and balustrades on all the balconies.  Nine months later, and not without its problems, the EC are feeling relieved to have this work competed as it required a huge amount of time and effort.  During the works being carried out, the idea of appointing a building manager was mooted (by me).  The reason for this being that one of our EC members works as a professional building manager for a large commercial strata building in the city and a lot of the time he was left to sort out problems with the contractors as none of the other members, including myself, felt we had the necessary skills and knowledge to do so.  I felt this was unfair but unavoidable.  I feel he carried an extra load simply because of his experience and knowledge.

    He is now retiring and has expressed an interest in taking on the role of Building Manager part-time if the role was created.  At our request he has given us a proposal listing duties, working hours, rates of pay etc.  Can anyone see a conflict of interest with this person being on the EC?  He is also our treasurer and does a terrific job.  What sort of things should we look out for in having a building manager appointed?  I see from previous posts that we would need to look at the roles of our Strata Manager and the Building Manager.   I would welcome any advice on this.


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