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    I am in a small block of 8 units – 4 ground floor and 4 level 1 units.  After purchasing my unit I have installed a floating laminate floor in the living area. Initially I applied for approval via Strata however they stuffed me around for weeks and in addition wanted a $500 fee to run an electronic meeting.   I contacted the only neighbour who would be affected and he gave approval so I went ahead with the improvement.  I installed the  highest quality 6 star rated insulation and my neighbour is happy.  There is an AGM next month.  Should I apply retrospectively for approval or just leave things how they are?  I would appreciate some advice!!


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    Yep, my experience is that specific approval is needed. I’ve replaced carpet with floating floors in two apartments (in separate Strata Plans) this year – both Strata Committees considered these as ‘minor renovations’ requiring approval. One committee approved without problem (just requested technical information regarding acoustics of laminate panels and underlay); the other committee at the outset said there was “no guarantee that request to install floating floors would be approved” despite technical information confirming superior acoustics of products to be used.

    That being said, I’ve also heard that floating floors (as opposed to hardwood timber flooring) do not affect common property and therefore installation is considered ‘cosmetic’ (ie doesn’t need approval). 

    Would be great to have some clarification around this.


    Under our scheme, the floor would be classed as a minor renovation.

    Under our general minor renovation bylaw, approval can be given by the Strata committee rather than the OC.

    $500 for an electronic meeting seems rather ridiculous.

    I think you will only have an issue if someone complains.


    Cosmo is right. No need to poke the bear in this regard.  However, if your floorboards do prove to be a noise nuisance – and that can be adjoining to flats too – those neighbours can still take action, by-law or not, under the ‘peaceful enjoyment’ rules.

    That said, I wouldn’t worry about it.  Shoes off at the front door will protect your floor and your peace of mind.


    In the absence of a specific by law, I don’t see why OC approval would be needed. Therefore I don’t see why you need to get ‘retrospective’ approval and would need to raise it at the AGM.  

    What sort of floor was the floating floor replacing?  If the replacement floor was something fixed to the floor boards (which are common property) eg ceramic tiles I could see why you needed approval.  Being a floating floor I don’t think it would form part of common property and would not need approval.  

    A few years ago I replaced the carpet in my unit I didn’t tell anyone and sought no approval.  

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