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    Have a unit where I’ve recently put in hybrid flooring with underlay that was approved by the Committee. After installation, I was provided with formal written approval by the Committee that I have now satisfied all by-laws in relation to the new flooring (note, the Building Manager also inspected the installation).

    Now, downstairs is complaining about noise and calling security on us every few days for walking in the unit and using the balcony door. Whilst I also believe floorboards is nosier than carpet, I don’t feel the noise is disruptive to warrant such complaints. We have two neighbors on the same level who have same hybrid flooring and underlay, and have not received any complaints. Only thing could be that the previous tenants of our unit were an elderly couple that were likely very very quiet.

    When we asked to hear the noise from their apartment, they refused us for privacy reasons. They then send us a recording of us dropping something…and we could barely hear anything over the sound of traffic, and I had the volume cranked to max. At this stage, they are not saying the noise is due to our activities. Their focus is solely on the new flooring installed.

    Strata has gotten involved and are demanding for us to undertake an acoustic test at our own cost (+$2k!!!) and if we fail the test, will need to rectify the flooring completely. Any advice will be appreciated.


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