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    I live in a neighbourhood that is under community title.  We have a community management statement (by laws) and architectural & landscape standards that are used to ensure the suburb is maintained.  When the developers built the houses the back pergolas were not covered with any roofing.  We have since covered the pergola with polycarbonate sheeting in a corrugated design. We did not seek EC approval for the change as you can not see the pergola from outside the lot. The by law clearly states that EC approval is required for changes visible outside the lot. 

    We have now been reported to the strata manager for not seeking approval and for having a non compliant design – because the roof sheeting is corrugated and not linear in design. We queried as to why we needed approval when you can not see it from the street (and neighbours can’t either) and where in the ALS does it state you can not have corrugated sheeting or that it must be linear in design. Our queries were not answered but we were told to put in an application – which was subsequently not approved by the EC. The letter just says  that as the roofing is not linear in design it is non compliant with the ALS and that we must remove it.  There are many houses in the suburb that has the same corrugated polycarbonate sheeting and is visible from the street as their backyards are visible. Also the developers used colour bond steel roofing on many houses which is corrugated in design.  It just doesn’t make sense as to why we are being singled out.  The ALS makes no mention as to materials or design of the sheeting to be used on pergolas, roofs or anything of the like.  

    Are the EC right that we must remove the sheeting given that it can not be seen from outside the lot and that the ALS does not make any mention of roofing design being linear?

    also are we allowed to ask who reported us? We don’t believe it was the neighbour given they have the same..  We feel that it may have been a neighbour we invited in who is on the EC (which we were not aware of at the time). Because unless you walk into our backyard you can not see the pergola.

    Any thoughts on how to approach would be appreciated. We are considering doing nothing else because technically unless they trespass and come onto our   property and into the backyard they can not prove that we still have the sheeting up. 

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