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    Here are some ideas for you to try ……..

    Who is listed on the Strata Roll as being the Owner of the apartment, or as the recipient of the Strata correspondence? Is it the parents or is it the son? Does the son live in the adjoining apartment and the parents live elsewhere?

    Did you send letters to the son or to the parents? If you have only been sending letters to the son then perhaps you could start sending letters to the parents?

    You could search the Strata Roll and try sending a letter to the parents about your problem and include a copy of the by-laws and the Act re noise and nuisance. Explain what you have done to address the problem so far and how it has not worked and how it is negatively impacting your life.

    If the letter to the parents doesn’t work then it would be best to get the Committee and the OC involved with By-Law Breach Notices etc.

    If the music has been left on all night perhaps the son is in a drug induced stupor and/or coma and is not even aware of the music? Are you worried about him?

    If you are concerned about the ‘health and well being’ of your neighbour then perhaps the police may need to become involved to go and ‘check’ whether the son is OK, or you could call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 if you suspect that there may be illegal drug activity occurring next door.

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