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    Indeed, in Asia and in many parts of continental Europe, hard floors in apartments are the norm.  Along with children and pets.

    And it works.  I’ve lived there too.  I even bought an apartment in continental Europe and became familiar with their equivalent of strata laws.

    Mind you, most occupiers don’t wear hard shoes indoors in many of those countries.  Shoes are removed at the door.

    There is a family in my building in Australia that now have two kids both born and raised while living here.  They are both of primary school age now and there’s a fair bit of running around and yelling.  My building is of modern construction and doesn’t cope too well to be honest.  But it met all the BCA (now NCC) requirements.   It’s those that really need some serious improvements.

    At least kids are mostly asleep in bed a night.  For me, some noise during the day is understandable. So, while the kids are a bit annoying from time to time, they are nothing compared with party morons at 4am.  

    Between 11pm/midnight and 7am residents should really be considerate and keep it down. 

    Lady Penelope

    Very interesting article! In my opinion it all comes down to building design. Get the design right before you concentrate on the ‘jewelry’ of the building such as colours and feature panels.

    Having lived in Asia with small children in an apartment in a large Asian city, where apartment living is the norm rather than the exception, what struck us was the fact that you could NOT hear your neighbours. 

    Children, pets, air conditioners etc were not a problem.

    The buildings were made of thick concrete (walls, floors ceilings) and had very few common walls. The floors were often timber strip or parquet with no carpets.

    Many of the buildings were designed in an ‘X’ or ‘H’ shape with the lift shafts running through the centre of the ‘X’ or ‘H’ and the apartments on the arms. This maximised light and light and ventilation. Most tower blocks had dedicated children’s playgrounds, gardens, and a swimming pool.

    Get the design right – with consideration for ALL of the occupants being more important than the developer’s wallet – and all should be more harmonious.

    Apartment living makes a lot of sense!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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