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    We live in a townhouse complex of 12 and have a by-law preventing the keeping of any animal on the premises (apart from guide dog or hearing assistance dog). A prospective purchaser of one townhouse is claiming to have medical approval to keep an assistance animal. We are not aware of what the purchaser’s disability is and he will not present his doctor’s certificate, only a letter from the doctor claiming that he “is advised to obtain an assistance animal to deal with the symptoms of the condition.” I have met this person and they appear to have no physical disability and he has a partner.

    As a member of the EC we are concerned that there is a precedent being set and also that the townhouse in entirely unsuitable for a dog – small paved courtyard, no garden and adjoining common wall units either side. There is no common property garden or open space area.

    The purchaser is knowingly moving into a small complex where the majority of owners clearly do not want pets on the property, but wants to put their (presumed) needs above others.

    Has anyone experience in this area? Any advice? Thanks

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