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    Murray Cod

    We’re an owner family in a small Sydney block of apartments; been here for many years. It’s not a party building; there are families, couples with young children and babies and elderly. Everyone, including the few single young people, are generally respectful.

    The unit under us has be quiet and ‘normal’ for a long time. Recently however, the long-term tenants moved on and it has been re-let to three young singles who could possibly be South Americans. They are noisy and seem to be students and shift workers. The problem is the loud music they play. Extremely loud at times.

    I complained politely to them three times with undertakings from them they would tone things down. They didn’t. Then I went to their real estate agent. I was polite in an email and received a most aggressive response next day by phone. He told me I must not contact the real estate agency, I must complain through ‘strata’.

    The landlord has always been impossible to trace and contact, even via the strata roll. He lives overseas. The agent is the worst of his ilk I have ever experienced. I feel like naming and shaming him somehow on social media.

    Is the agent right? Surely I am entitled to complain to the real estate agent managing the property, aren’t I?



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    You are quite right to complain to the managing agent. The tenants are required to adhere to the bylaws, a copy of which they get with their lease.

    looks like you need your Owners Corporation to issue a breach of bylaw. The bylaw you are looking for concerns causing a nuisance.

    Dont be put off if the OC is lazy in issuing this for any reason . You have a genuine grievance and the OC needs to act.

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